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Mustafa Al-Andani, a displaced Syrian has managed to develop an electric wheelchair used by persons with disabilities after getting rid of the electricity system and using solar energy instead. The wheelchair was developed after adding solar cells and modifications to the electricity system.

Al-Andani who was an electric technician at a weaving factory suffered a head injury during the eruption of the Syrian Revolution. Due to injury, he was forced to remain in bed after his movement was impaired and only use crutches to move.
The injury has motivated his inspiration and started to figure out solutions in favor of persons with disabilities. “It is a tough feeling when you see young people with no legs or hands. I myself have the same experience which inspired me to do something useful for persons with disabilities after living their suffering myself. The wheelchairs of persons with disabilities are considered half of their life and used to get down from their beds, but they exercise their whole life on them.” He said.

“I have Principally studied the notion, then toke then the necessary measures to obtain solar cells need to be installed on the wheelchair. So, I prepared measurements, dimensions, and exact volume. Next, I went to the workshop and asked the blacksmith to design a metal base that can easily be assembled and de-assembled during the attachment into solar cells and wheelchair.
Al-Adanai who lives in a war zone in Al Bab town has faced several challenges during the journey of first wheelchair development, top of them is the financial cost, lack of raw materials, and battery issues which require him to dig out for solutions.

To avoid battery breakdown, Mustafa added some modifications to strengthen it is capacity to make to operate for the whole day. To avoid solar cell interruption by the mist and rains, he protected the devices with covers to allow the battery to work smoothly without running out.

Al Adanai project which targets persons with disabilities launched in Al-Bab town putting an end to the suffering of persons with disabilities and positively contributed in their movements

This story is part of “Inspirational Stories” series prepared by Al Jazeera Public Liberties and Human Rights Centre, which is a media initiative that sheds light on examples of humanitarian actions, and successful and promising initiatives in the Arab region in particular and the world in general, which have contributed to changing the status of people and societies for the better, and have had a positive impact on people's lives.