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Living in a dynamic world is challenging: new technologies replace old customs and make people believe they can overcome emerging difficulties. Even though we have reached an inspiring level of technological development, we still cannot prevent the emergence of global pandemics, economic and social crises, armed conflicts, and wars. However, we have learned how to use the technologies locally, improving local businesses and contributing to the people’s well-being. Keeping in mind our past achievements, the MjSeo family is moving forward to apply our experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry while mastering the art of SEO, and accelerating business development.

Global discussions on cannabis legalization are often focused on the idea that this plant is dangerous for mental and physical health. Even though numerous studies have proved the opposite, state authorities continue cultivating this myth and restrict this business area. We believe that the cannabis industry should be given a chance to grow, and we do our best to contribute to this process. It means that thousands of people suffering from various diseases, including asthma, Alzheimer’s, muscle cramps, etc., will get access to safe CBD products just with a simple Google search. Our task is to make sure that trustworthy cannabis stores and dispensaries will reach them, so we help these businesses get to the top of search results. To make it real, we take the following steps:

• Study the target audience and local markets to meet their needs;
• Build the competitive market strategies to reach the target audience;
• Keep our SEO tools up to date;
• Involve Industry specialists and enthusiasts in our projects around the world;
• Create relevant content to counter disinformation and support cannabis legalization initiatives.

We have already contributed to the growth of over 60 cannabis businesses of different scales, including small local dispensaries and large online stores that work internationally. Our team has something to be proud of, but we are also focusing on the future. Better healthcare, innovative beauty treatment, agriculture, and recreation – these are only some spheres to contribute. While remaining behind the scene, our team works 24/7 to help cannabis businesses grow.

Finally, our team believes that a better future can be achieved with equal access to resources and services. Just like cannabis products can relieve the pain of incurable patients, they can help office employees to counter stress after the working day or professional sportsmen to recover after competitions. To make this day come faster, we dedicate our time and resources, our skills and knowledge. This award celebrates the idea of a new future for the industry, and we highly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.