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  US - Emeryville,  CA

JUST Media is an integrated marketing agency renowned for delivering effective multi-channel solutions for brands. We ignite business growth through a purposeful mix of media, creative and data.

  About Project

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader in cloud computing platforms and services. AWS also provides developers with technical documentation, educational resources, and a community to share ideas.    

The AWS “Introduction to Decoupling Apps” digital campaign targeted application developers to build awareness that modern applications are decoupled, and that AWS can help them build the cloud development skills to decouple apps and further their careers.  

To engage developers and bring the concept of decoupling to life, the JUST creative team collaborated with our client team to create a breakthrough campaign that used fruit couples that clearly don’t belong together as a humorous analogy for coupled applications that are better off apart.  

This creative approach reinforced for our developer audience that it’s not hard to learn how to decouple applications, and that AWS offers a wide array of resources to advance their careers in this realm.    

The ads ran as display banners, social units, web page headers and email headers, driving application developer audiences to associated landing pages and “Decoupling Counselling” training webinars.   

The campaign was fruitful in a number of ways, engaging an important audience for AWS while exceeding benchmark click-through rates by an impressive amount.


JUST Media

Amazon Web Services