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NDM Hospitality


  US - Kissimmee,  FL

Founded in 2011, NDM Hospitality Services, LLC is an innovator in the travel and dining industries. We are known for recognizing changing consumer needs and creating new vacation concepts in response. Our primary focus is on family ventures because strengthening and celebrating families is at the heart of everything we do. In fact, our business is a family venture that was established by brothers Nicholas, Daniel, and Matthew Falcone.

  About Project

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Tune in to our Encore Insider video series as our host, Kayla Becker, gives you a full look at the dream vacation that awaits you when you book a stay with Encore Resort at Reunion.


Erin Kent - Producer

Xavier Cruz - Director of Photography

Amar Shah - Executive Producer

Alex Wolfe - Videography

Christina Coffee- Editor/Videography

Kayla Becker - Host

Nick Falcone - Executive Producer

Sharon Rodriguez - Associate Producer

Katy Magliozzi - Associate Producer