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Christian Brothers Automotive


  US - Houston,  TX

We are an automotive repair franchise.
Born out of the idea of not just being an auto repair shop, but also a neighbor, our mission is simple: to take root in the communities we serve, and to create an uncommonly great experience for customers in need of auto service & repair.

  About Project

We created an exciting, engaging, cultural experience on Social Media for National Hug Holiday.

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/ChristianBrothersAuto/videos/2314383932137078/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/TxNVti8LICw

Blog: https://www.cbac.com/media-center/blog/2019/june/dinosaur-gives-hugs-at-christian-brothers-automo/

Background and history:

At the time of production, we were looking for fun ways to incorporate video to reach people, capture their attention, evoke an emotional connection, and ultimately build awareness for who we are. After researching bizarre and wacky holidays, we landed on a few that we instinctively felt were relevant our core brand value of Joy – and thus the Hug Holiday cultural campaign was born.

Narrative –A look into the creative vision:

We kept this campaign a “top secret” in hopes to capture an element of surprise. 10 minutes prior to filming, we released this communication piece to our organization:

"Dear Home Office,

We interrupt this normal work day to inform you that a dinosaur is on the loose!

If you spot this dinosaur, don’t panic!!! According to the “experts”, the best thing you can do is go about your normal day…..BUT…. if the dinosaur approaches you, then it’s best to give it a big hug!

This prehistoric disruption will occur today from 10:30 AM to 10:50 AM, and we will be filming this beast for a social media video to be posted on………(wait for it)…………... Hug Holiday (June 29). By participating in this video, you are consenting to the video recording and its release/external publication."


Christian Brothers Automotive Marketing Team