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  About Project

Name: Mavericks with Ari Melber

Brand Overview: Cadillac is a leading American automaker who, in celebration of their new Q4 2018 SUV launch, sought to engrain themselves in cultural conversations that evoked feelings of smart, creative success. During their nationwide XT4 launch, Cadillac partnered with NBC News. Together, we influenced A25-54 by granting access to authentic conversations with a dynamic roster of cultural mavericks who succeed in their respective artistic fields by capitalizing on their individuality.

Campaign Description: MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber is breaking records in the 6p hour largely due to host, Ari Melber, being a hip-hop expert who uses music and culture to contextualize current events. Together with Cadillac, we created a custom digital-first video series, Mavericks with Ari Melber, that takes this confident, fresh style to a larger audience across digital, OTT and social platforms. This NBC News editorial led partnership intertwines core Cadillac values, product, and visions to solidify it as a premium video program people want more of. The platform was also able to generate dynamic cultural conversations that artists want to be included in.

Long Form Video Content: Three multi-camera, long form episodes feature a diverse set of mavericks who detail different milestones and realizations in their careers. Each episode was filmed in a different location to encourage transparent dialogue that connected with a diverse audience. Along with the contextual alignment of each conversation, Cadillac’s XT4 vehicle was integrated into the series’ title sequences to further each story, illustrating the broader focus and rhythm that was unique to the journeys of these cultural mavericks.

• Mavericks with Ari Melber video guests:
o Episode 1) Caucasian actress, Chloe Grace Moretz
o Episode 2) Black comedian, Chris Redd
o Episode 3) Non-binary Caucasian producer and writer, Jill Soloway

Mavericks with Ari Melber had to showcase Cadillac’s XT4 vehicle while authentically integrating into cultural dialogues. To do this, NBC News worked with editorial standards teams to incorporate talent into a co-branded title sequence that set the tone for each video. Through sound, visuals and interviewee archetypes, the story continuously moved forward by using Cadillac’s XT4. Editorial teams had to work in lockstep with Cadillac to align on varied guests who embodied artistic individuality and smart, bold perspectives synonymous with the XT4 launch. Also, production teams had to create sets in various locations – nighttime rooftops, indoor studios, etc. – with little time notice that still reflected high end, sleek aesthetics.

• Reach: 393K total video starts for the three full-length Mavericks episodes across NBC News/ MSNBC digital and OTT
• Engagement: 54% average completion rate which is 15% higher than the average MSNBC video completion rate, even though these videos are 3 times longer than the average site video
• Brand Awareness: Brand awareness increased by 42% after viewing the content
• Brand Affinity: Brand value increased by 62% after viewing the content
• Purchase Intent/CTA: Respondents were 39% more likely to “definitely/ probably’ buy a Cadillac XT4 after watching the content
• Source for the first two statistics: Domo via Adobe Analytics, YouTube Analytics. 12/3/18-1/12/19
• Source for the final three statistics: Polar Ipsos Connect Study January 2019