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LHWH Advertising & PR


  US - Myrtle Beach,  SC

For three decades, LHWH Advertising & Public Relations has been a leading marketing and PR firm in the Carolinas. It is a full-service agency creating and executing marketing campaigns for a range of clients in real estate, golf, tourism, entertainment, telecommunications and healthcare.

  About Project

Mike D’s BBQ unique line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs started as a quest to find the perfect sauce to use at home. Once Mike D started sharing his homemade sauce with friends and family, they encouraged him to take it to market. Since then, Mike D’s BBQ has been named the World Champion in the 2017 World Hot Sauce Awards and won first place at the Sauce Boss Competition.

Our goal for the ‘Throw Some D’s On It!’ commercial was simple: we wanted to showcase that Mike D's irresistible sauces make customers want to 'Throw Some D’s' on everything! That said, we knew we had to tap into the brand’s universal uses and let all the sauce-lovers see what they’ve been missing out on.

The sauces perfectly combine smoky and sweet flavors, with just a little bit of a kick. Our target audience for this project is anyone who enjoys a splash of tasteful humor both in and out of the kitchen. And so, we introduced a bear. Because when in doubt, "Throw Some D’s On It!" It may save your life!


Creative Director: Pat Harris
Video Director / SFX: Michael Tidwell
Video Production Assistant: Terry Johnson