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CraneMorley Inc.


  US - Irvine,  CA

CraneMorley was founded in 1991 as a pioneer in performance-based learning for the automotive and powersports industries. Over the years, we have lived on the practical cutting edge

CraneMorley develops interactive digital learning and marketing solutions for global leading clients.

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A problem with new riders is their inexperience with close-calls or their inexperience to the common types of accidents that can occur for any motorcyclist. As motorcycles are harder to spot than a normal vehicle, motorcyclists need to have more situational awareness than the average driver. These close-call accidents are difficult to train new riders without experiencing these close-call situations themselves. It is because of these reasons that the MSF VR Challenge helps to train new riders in a safe environment while still teaching them to be vigilant for vehicles that may not have seen them.

The MSF VR Challenge assists future motorcyclists in experiencing the close calls virtually firsthand. The VR Challenge will be implemented in eCourse II for MSF’s Basic Rider Course. The VR Challenge, as well as the course II training module, teaches new riders what to look out for as a motorcyclist to avoid potential hazards and accidents. The VR Challenge is a step towards the motto “experience is the best teacher,” without having riders to potentially meet these situations when riding themselves.”