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8ty6 | I8N Tech


  US - Milpitas,  CA

8ty6 is a new age digital and marketing agency that leverages analytical intelligence and creative presentations to augment a client's brand with curated strategy and solutions.
8ty6 team brings the best of marketing, technology and consulting worlds with
expertise in building brands from ground up to multi-million dollar businesses. Seasoned professionals from Big 4 consulting, developers technically skilled in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Full-stack Development, graphic designers and video professionals with years of experience, and Marketing professionals partner with clients to elevate their brands.

  About Project

2022 platinum Site bug-01

Orbis86 takes the Metaverse to the next horizon. Beyond gaming, Orbis86 offers a portal that connects reality to fantasy. It is a world which allows its residents and guests to transform between realities, allowing them to shop in the Metaverse, play in the Metaverse, learn in the Metaverse, work in the Metaverse.
Queen Regalia is one of the first few characters of our Orbis86 NFT Collection (Q2 2022 release)


Suvigya Mishra | 8ty6 | 3D Modeler