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Big Tree marketing


  US - Fairfield,  IA

Big Tree is a digital growth agency specializing in:

- digital strategy
- digital marketing implementation
- prospect journey optimization
- data science & analytics

  About Project

Breeo pioneered the first smokeless wood-burning fire pit nearly a decade ago. Now you can enjoy a fire or cookout without burning eyes, hacking lungs, and constantly moving your chair to dodge the smoke!

Breeo began selling directly to consumers for the first time in early 2019, having used only dealers before. Fueled by a strong appetite for growth, Breeo partnered with Big Tree in early 2020 to cook up a digital marketing strategy to build awareness and drive sales.

In less than a year, Big Tree used search marketing and analytics to help Breeo torch even its most ambitious goals. Results were five times better than best-case projections: website traffic increased 11x and online revenue grew 1,508% YoY.