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CraneMorley Inc.


  US - Irvine,  CA

CraneMorley was founded in 1991 as a pioneer in performance-based learning for the automotive and powersports industries. Over the years, we have lived on the practical cutting edge

CraneMorley develops interactive digital learning and marketing solutions for global leading clients.

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A pipeline that runs along a bridge or span is at risk of experiencing conditions – corrosion, deterioration, weaking of supports, and more – that could lead to pipeline failure. In this module, SoCalGas employees navigate a regional map to review pipeline conditions on various above ground pipelines that span local waterways. With multiple images showing both good and poor pipeline conditions, and the viewpoints of SoCalGas experts to direct the learners’ attention, employees are given the tools to identify what to look for and how to address the potential problems that they find.