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The Biz Dojo


  CA - Calgary,  AB

The Biz Dojo is a podcast dedicate to growth through storytelling. The show features Masters of industry in all walks of life - national champions, musicians, pro-athletes, coaches, corporate executives and innovative entrepreneurs all share their successes and challenges to finding success. This is a true Dojo; a place to share and to learn, to focus on growth and development.

The interview-style is very conversational, and experts from around the world truly open up to discuss their path to realizing their dream. It's a space where CEO's learn from punk-rock legends, parents learn from pro-athletes, and team managers take in lessons from entrepreneurs. Lessons apply to all industries, and extend beyond the workplace. So, come share experiences, take in lessons learned, and use those who have forged a path to help you discover your own.

  About Project

The Biz Dojo, designed as a learning space for masters across all walks of life (entrepreneurs, pro athletes, chefs, musicians, CEOs, etc.) to share their stories. The intent is to provide an environment where other leaders can learn from these experiences which help to forge and shape a journey all their own.

The episode shared is the start of season 2, which also has world-renowned chefs, non-profit CEOs, pro athletes, comedians, artists and local entrepreneurs set for upcoming episodes. You can check out this episode and more at out website, or through your favourite podcast app!

It's a unique blend, where everybody has opportunity to learn from the experiences of others outside their circle and their industry.


Seth Anderson

JP Gaston