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AC&M Group


  US - Charlotte,  NC

AC&M Group is a full-service marketing agency that connects brands with consumers using cultural insights. Our motto is: Universal Ideas, Cultural Connections. Through our expertise in crafting culturally relevant campaigns we help companies reach and efficiently communicate with the new mainstream.

  About Project

National Gypsum, one of the nation’s leading building products manufacturers, teamed up with AC&M Group to raise awareness of their PURPLE® line of drywall.

The objective of the campaign was to create unique, engaging and authentic content to support the National Gypsum PURPLE® line of drywall products and drive Hispanic customers to EligePurple.com. The team created a series of lively videos to give personality to the key features of the PURPLE® line.

“Our strategy began with the launch of an Elige Purple (Choose Purple) toolkit, designed to arm Hispanic contractors with the right ‘tools’ or information about National Gypsum PURPLE® products and their benefits so they will recommend them to their clients. The digital toolkit consisted of an informative landing page with information about the benefits of the products. It also featured an animated “Luchador” character and was accompanied by a Purple Luchador mask giveaway. The landing page was promoted via targeted social media.

After the initial launch in 2017, AC&M introduced the “Elements” in 2018; a new and refreshed campaign for EligePurple.com that highlighted the individual benefits of each Purple product, and included accompanying social media assets for paid social and National Gypsum’s Spanish-language Facebook page, Construye y Mejora.”