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V1 Media team strongly believe that video marketing will be an essential marketing strategy of all businesses in the future. We strive to customize a perfect video marketing plan for each client. Our high quality production and competitive price allows new clients to experience the ultimate power of video marketing.

  About Project

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Mr. Ho, the chairman of Karrie International Holdings Ltd., had been an apprentice in mold and plastic craftsmanship at the age of 12. In the 1960s, he started his first business at the age of 16. From craftsman to master, half a century of hard work and hardship has not changed the craftsman spirit he has always upheld. Today, Mr. Ho’s enterprise has expanded to fields include manufacturing, hotels, services, culture, theme parks, education, parenting and more, all of which are derived from Mr. Ho’s craftsman spirit.
In 2020, how did Mr. Ho conquer challenges in the adversity while maintaining high quality production for his brand Kalos Blocks? Through this documentary, we will learn from the dialogue with Mr. Ho the brand ethos of Kalos Blocks and how it brings joy to people.