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JUST Media


  US - Emeryville,  CA

JUST Media is an integrated marketing agency renowned for delivering effective multi-channel solutions for brands. We ignite business growth through a purposeful mix of media, creative and data.

  About Project

Cha-ching: We set a new gold standard for social engine acquisition.  
By leveraging social currency for lead acquisitions, we helped the global leader of overseas financial transfers, OFX, discover new business opportunities.  
Most consumers default to using their local bank when it comes global currency transfers. Despite a twenty-year history of category leadership, OFX needed to become top-of-mind and educate international audiences that they offer better exchange rates than traditional banks.   
Our goal? Offer citizens of the world better international transfer rates by raising OFX brand awareness and consideration. 
We knew consumers related to benefits, not services. We hooked our audience by creating and boosting organic content that boasted OFX’s money-saving advantages. Like what you see? Then we ushered audiences further down the funnel by retargeting them industry-specific and hyper-contextual content relevant to them. The campaign was additionally supported through catered landing pages, display and native units. 
Our campaign proved consistent education makes generating leads more efficient. Our social costs-per-session and costs-per-click were significantly lower than all platform benchmarks. Within the first month, OFX saw an 11% increase in site traffic. Lastly, social engagements also saw a huge uptick highlighting that our audience was actively engaged and wanted more OFX content.  


JUST Media